The project started in 2014, with the idea of gathering the tenants and explaining to them what urban renewal is, and connecting them to the message “The years have given their signals… it’s time to renew”. The first step – a branding process for tenants, managing the emotional dialogue with them and understanding that it is not only the Brand Style, but also the Brand Operation.Understanding the customer journey and the ability to generate real feelings of hope and dream fulfillment. When the whole process in front of the tenants was finished and was getting ready for a building permit, the preparation for marketing on the free market began. This situation required adapting the language to a given point in time and the type of personas of the target audience, and letting everyone understand that the most desirable project in Tel Aviv, in its beating heart, is Arto. We proceeded with an understanding of the way of life in the beating heart of Tel Aviv, a 100-year-old city that looks as if it was born yesterday. 24/7 of life, of art, of being… of living! The logo symbolizes the art, so does the brand name. The color allows the art to be expressed and so does the concept. There is no doubt that a glance explains everything. Enjoy!