The experience of creating this exciting hospitality brand is extraordinary. The owners of the brand are the owners who introduced the HOLY BAGELS brand to Israel with great success and even recognized the hospitality trend created in the Israeli market that allows a culinary experience alongside the visual design at a VALUE FOR MONEY price, an element that gives customers maximum pleasure. Our challenge was to produce a different experience that enables AFFORDABLE CHIC. The process included a business strategy that was outlined after conducting research and focusing on personas to understand the needs and feelings inherent in the customer’s experience in meeting this type of brand. The logo of the brand has a graphic character of a signature that reflects the understanding that the creator of the brand and the one who is the master in the field of catering and cooking is Miri Klein, who is a landmark in the field. We went through her hospitality experience and connected to the professional concept of planning the flow of the event, when a special space is added for the meticulous menu, to the practical concept of small items such as the dessert items or the small flowers on the tables, everything is accessed in a careful and invested manner. We expressed all these in the branding alongside the combination of aesthetics, tenderness and pleasantness. You are welcome to enjoy!