Following on from our project at the King David Hotel, an upscale hotel on King David Street 8 in Netanya, where the global company Accor became aware of our capabilities (which moved us very much), a company in Riga approached us for the Piano project to build a branding concept and above all the company was faced with a project in a field that was new to them – a shopping center of the neighborhood. We arrived at the place to explore the area. We saw buildings in Ir Yamim in an emerging neighborhood where the only serious mall serving the surrounding neighborhoods is Ir Yamim Mall. We realized very quickly that it is important to touch people here and that the era of shopping malls in the world belongs to the past and slowly lifestyle centers are developing. The study of the lifestyle centers in Israel and around the world was done by us years before for years in the project we carried out in Tivoli Las Vegas. The strongest expression of the place was the Italian piazza. The piazza that brings an audience connection at a given point in time and is exciting every time. Since Netanya is not a city that brands a theme and is very much trying to compare itself to the theme of sports, which has not yet entered the consciousness, we chose to give the place the color of a real European culture. The logo, the colors, the thinking that was done with the architects to give the inspirations for the structure, the way the crowd flows, the minimalism of the brand alongside the occurrence of the brands next to it speaks for itself. You are welcome to visit there, you will feel like you made a quick visit abroad!