A project located close to the most beautiful beach in the Middle East. The challenge was great. The project is located on the second line behind another project which is the first line to the sea. The amazing advantage we found is that you can see the sea in the front houses of the project and enjoy the benefits of being close to the sea but not having to deal with the consequences. The target audience was residents living abroad, in the Jewish community, who found an interest in the city of Herzliya and especially a love for the good life and the yacht club. In the research we did, it turned out that for those who love the sea, the consideration of living close to the sea has a stronger emotional motive than any rational consideration. It has an emotional experiential peak every time. We called the project Private Blue, everyone and their own private sea blue, and we gave this blue fifty shades. All you can do is take a look and find a connection to your personal tone.