Ken Hator

Our challenge in the project was a threefold challenge. The ability to express the uniqueness of a project located on the cliff with the amazing view, at 30 Nitza Street. In the past there was a hotel (Galil Hotel) and today it is a combination of a residential project, shops avenue, and a luxury apartment tower. Netanya is a city that is not identified with a specific branding. Therefore the challenge to brand the project under a concept while utilizing the infinite natural resources, was important. Life from the heights of the cliff in this project is between the sky and the sea. That’s why we called the project the blue cliff, which makes it possible to present the relative advantage of the city of Netanya, which has a promenade between the beautiful coastlines that exist in Israel, alongside the ability to show the life of the modern era, full of diverse experiences. Especially when it comes to combined experiences that are a harmony of contrasts that combine intimacy, community, calm, and the rhythms of life in one place.