Tivoli is a project that provides an extraordinary experience of mixed uses in which there is a combination of commerce, offices, adjacent to the summerlin residential neighborhood in Las Vegas, which is considered a luxury neighborhood. Las Vegas is a challenge mainly in terms of branding. The essence of storytelling is important and especially when there is such a focused task to house tenants and bring traffic, it certainly does not end in brand style. This is a lifestyle center that covers an area of 77,000 sqm, and it is important to understand the local market, what motivates the potential customers, what is the attitude of the residents and foreigners between the Tivoli and the Strip, what are the customer’s journeys and where do they meet, what are the right characteristics for the brand, the mix, and which elements At the operational level of the brand must be part of the components of the current activity that can lead to a perfect customer experience. The essence of the activity and the perception is based on the understanding of the emotions, which arise from the different consumer perceptions of their experience at the lifestyle center Another target audience is the office renters and the employee experience, they should also be merged into the process. We created a whole tract of experiences under storytelling there and today the center is considered one of the strongest in the existing competitive environment. If you’re in Las Vegas, it’s worth a visit!