The veritas brand was born out of our desire to express a natural and organic product line in the field of cosmetics. In the first phase, care with the development of the brand also includes makeup products. The meaning of the brand name Veritas is the essence of truth. How is the truth reflected in the brand? In that the ingredients of the formulas in the products are accurate, and the promises of the brand are all true promises in the aspect of the experience that the brand is going to provide. We created the brand with great love. Our activity included the design of the packaging, the bottles, the jars, the visible line and the Brand Style as a whole. The thinking behind the visibility of the packaging was to allow luxury and lifestyle to merge with the natural world, mainly against the background of the visibility of the organic natural products available in the market. We were full partners in the entire creative journey of the brand and the products themselves, choosing the scents, the textures, the series, and we were excited when it was born. Today you can find it in all natural stores and you are welcome to enjoy it!