The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Consumer Behavior

Artificial intelligence has begun to take its place in our daily lives. Although it started in the 60’s, curiosity and openness to innovation are becoming a trend and slowly entering our lives.

Many studies are done in the field of artificial intelligence and there is still no sufficient picture.
A review study done by researchers from the University of Oxford examined the effect of artificial intelligence on consumer behavior and decisions and summarizes the findings from a variety of studies done in this field and brings a deep understanding of the actions of artificial intelligence in the buying processes and consumer choices.

The tested parameters:
The study reviewed the role of artificial intelligence in consumer behavior and consumer decisions.
The results of the review led to a serious analysis of:
The effect of artificial intelligence systems on the buying and choosing processes of consumers.
Using artificial intelligence algorithms to investigate and predict consumer preferences.
The effect of chatbots and humanoid services for consumer service.
Assisting in automated consumer decision-making support, including customized and consumer-tailored systems.

Focus group:
The experts from Oxford University employed experts in the field of consumer psychology and artificial intelligence. They examined a variety of academic and professional studies that refer to the effect of artificial intelligence on consumers and may affect the applications of artificial intelligence in online trading systems and a variety of other fields.

Research management:
Research was carried out by marking and analyzing diverse sources of academic and professional studies concerning the effect of artificial intelligence on consumers. The professional uses the content of the studies, including the scientific technology used in them, collected and the main findings.

Results and conclusions:
The research shows that artificial intelligence can influence consumer behavior and consumer decisions in a variety of ways. Artificial intelligence tools, customized systems and automated services can improve the consumer’s shopping experience and provide him with personalized and excellent information.

Using an artificial intelligence algorithm may influence the consumer’s buying and selection processes by presenting products and services that best suit his needs and preferences.

The research findings indicate a rapid development in this field and the importance of artificial intelligence as a tool to improve the consumer experience and the promotion of consumer decisions based on data-based information. Research contributes to a deep understanding and development of the academic worlds and in the field of the impact of artificial intelligence on consumers, and provides recommendations for preserving and increasing activity through artificial intelligence technologies for the benefit of consumers and society in general.

The results highlighted that there is a significant relationship between artificial intelligence and consumer behavior. In addition, the model has a high ability to predict and explain the purchasing behavior of the consumer through artificial intelligence, and this was proven by the validity of the hypothesis.

Research recommends that online retailers use artificial intelligence at every stage of the consumer journey, from identification, information search, evaluation and acceptance of a purchase decision to post-purchase behavior to predicting the consumer’s purchase behavior on the expected platform.